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How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?

Lançado em 11. 18, 2020

Fiber laser cutting is widely sought after by the processing industry in the market. Best fiber laser cutting machines have more and more uses and more and more types. They can be divided into two categories, plane fiber laser metal cutting machines and 3D fiber laser cutting machine, which of these two are used more in daily life? What is the price? MYST Laser will give you an objective talk

Without knowing the laser cutting machine for metal sheets, everyone is curious about which fiber laser cutting machine is easy to use. After researching the market, MYST Laser found that more people like to use the laser cutting steel plate machine. The following are people Reasons to like it:


 fiber laser cutting machine


1. Complete functions and flexible configuration

The CNC fiber laser cutting machine can cut a variety of metal materials, and the pattern can be cut perfectly as long as it is set in the system. The equipment can be configured flexibly according to the actual situation of the material and the processing technology.

2. The whole machine is more convenient to move

The sheet metal laser cutter a combination of laser, cutting head, bed, beam, and other components. The integrated assembly machine greatly saves complicated equipment installation time. It can be moved at any time when changing sites without reassembly.


 fiber laser cutting machine


3. Ensure continuous operation

The fiber optic laser cutting machine can be used continuously for a long time as long as cooling measures are taken. There is no need to worry about machine failure. It can be processed continuously for 24 hours.

4. Environmental protection and pollution-free

The fiber laser cutting machine has good integrity and tightness, and the metal residue generated during work will not enter the outside air and will not cause environmental pollution. The equipment is also equipped with dust and noise reduction devices, which will not cause noise pollution to the surroundings, energy-saving, and environmental protection.


 fiber laser cutting machine


How much does a fiber laser cutting machine cost?

With the rapid development of the sheet metal processing industry, the market’s demand for optical sheet metal laser cutters is increasing. Many people have taken a fancy to the market development potential of cutting machines and have devoted themselves to the manufacture of fiber laser cutting machines. There are more and more manufacturers, and the accessories and materials used by different manufacturers to produce machines are very different and different, and the prices for external sales will vary greatly.

In addition, laser steel cutting machine price should be determined according to the specific model and configuration of the machine. Different types of fiber laser cutting machines have different prices. The same model and different configurations of the machine will have different prices. If you want to know more about the price information of the desktop laser cutter for metal produced by MYST Laser, you can come to consult through the contact information on the website, our professional sales manager will provide you with professional services.