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Máquina de limpeza a laser

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High Efficiency Laser Cleaning Machine

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High Efficiency Laser Welding Machine

High Efficiency Laser Welding Machine


● The hand gun, featured with compact structure and light weight, is convenient for handling and transportation.

● Non-contact cleaning, protecting component base against damage.

● Requiring no chemical cleaning solution or consumables, the equipment can realize long-term continuous service and easy upgrade and daily maintenance.

● Extremely high cleaning efficiency and time saving.

● Mechanized usage without redundant setting of parameters, facilitating the use.

● With precise cleaning function, selective cleaning of precise position and precise dimension can be realized.

● Simple operation: after energization, automated cleaning can be realized via hand-held operation or manipulator.Stable laser cleaning system, requiring almost no maintenance.

After-sale Service

● 24 months guarantee of the whole machine, we will provide the consumable parts at an agency price when you need replacement.

● English manual and CD video for machine using and maintaining will send to you with the machine.

● Our engineer can offer technical support in your country if necessary,or get train in our factory for free.

● 7*24h online technical support via Skype,Email,WhatsApp,Phone,Team Viewer,even on weekend even on vacation.

Certification and Customer Feedback

High Efficiency Laser Cleaning Machine

High Efficiency Laser Cleaning Machine

Company Profile

High Efficiency Laser Cleaning Machine


Q1:How about your Quality Control?

A: # Before production, confirm the parts list and strictly control the quality of the parts.

# During production, regularly check the production progress of the machine and provide timely feedback.

# After production, strictly test the working condition of the machine, record the complete installation and use instruction video before transportation.

Q2:How about your shipping arrangement?

A:Delivery time:10-15 days after payment.

Package:Water-proof plastic film package with foam protection in each corner.

Solid Seaworthy Wood Box Package with Steel Belt.

Save space as much as possible for container loading.

Clearance documents:CE/Packing list/Commercial invoice/Sales contract are available in electronic or original for custom clearance.