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Research on Laser Cutting of Pipe (Part 2)

Lançado em 07. 25, 2020

Advantages of tube laser cutting

Using laser to cut pipes (including tangent, oblique cutting, forming cutting, etc.), the width of the cut is generally 0.1-0.3mm, and the cutting position and temperature can be accurately controlled, which is more conducive to the realization of automation and intelligence in production, and the cutting efficiency is relatively high. The traditional processing method can be increased by 8-20 times, the processing cost can be reduced by 70%-90%, and the material loss can be saved by 15%-30%, and the noise of laser cutting is small and the environmental impact is small. Traditional processing methods require multiple continuous processes to complete the processed parts that can be achieved by laser cutting on the same equipment. With the continuous improvement of equipment performance and continuous improvement of processing technology, it is possible to use a laser to perform the high-quality cutting of pipes.

The future development trend of pipe laser cutting machine

Laser cutting uses a non-contact processing method. During the entire processing process, there will be no pressure on the pipe wall, so it will not cause the outer surface of the pipe to deform or collapse. At the same time, when laser cutting pipes, the complexity of the kerf thermal field, difficulty in cooling, and easy blockage of cutting slag make cutting more difficult. Therefore, in-depth research on these aspects should be strengthened.

Pipe Laser Cutting Machine

Pipe Laser Cutting Machine

Laser cutting requires a lot of freedom on the material, shape, size, processing environment, etc. of the tube, and its spatial controllability (change in the direction of the beam, rotation, scanning, etc.) and time controllability (open, close, pulse interval) Excellent, easy to control, and because the laser cutting has high precision and few burrs, it greatly reduces the time consumed for subsequent processing. When changing the diameter or shape of the pipe, you only need to modify the program, so the development of pipe cutting software is of great research value. The combination of laser cutting systems and computer numerical control technology can form efficient automation equipment, opening up a new path for high-quality, efficient, and low-cost processing.

In order to improve the efficiency of tube laser cutting, the most effective production method is to use the automatic tube laser cutting production line. How to use automatic tube cutting production line for laser cutting? Firstly, the focused laser beam must be synchronized with the pipe being cut on the automatic pipe cutting production line; secondly, the focused laser beam must be able to rotate one circle relative to the pipe being cut, and the laser beam axis must always be perpendicular to the pipe axis. Intersect, in the cutting process, the laser beam of the pipe cutting production line moves with the pipe being cut. These synchronous movements must be controlled by a special control system, so the research on the automatic tube laser cutting production line is also of great significance.