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How Many Beautiful Patterns can Laser Marking Machine Hollow Out on the Paper Box?

Lançado em 03. 21, 2020

The packaging of a product can often increase the value of this product. Many people think that laser marking machines can only perform logos, coding, etc., but the function of laser equipment is already more powerful than everyone thinks. , Not only can perform basic marking processing, but also can achieve exquisite cutting, hollowing out, punching.

Carton laser hollowing is a process that uses the high energy density characteristics of a laser beam to project on the surface of a carton, cut through the carton and generate a hollow pattern. The birth of the CO2 laser marking machine has brought a great improvement to the paper product processing technology of the carton. The CO2 laser marking machine factory believes that the carton laser marking machine is not limited by the modeling materials and processes, and a single device can achieve a variety of modeling functions.

Co2 Laser Marking Machine

Co2 Laser Marking Machine

The laser marking machine has a high beam quality and a line width of up to 0.04mm. The lines carved out on the carton are detailed and flat. It is very aesthetic. Whether it is a hollow pattern or a letter symbol, it can be easily done. The following features are:

Stable and reliable: non-contact processing will not cause mechanical squeeze or mechanical stress on the material. There are no "knife marks", which do not damage the surface of the machined part; do not deform the material.

High-speed and fast: High-speed engraving and hollow cutting can be performed immediately according to the drawings output by the computer.

High quality: One of the advantages of automatic engraving with the machine is that it can reduce the bad damage caused by humans, and the hollowed out pattern is uniform in thickness, without burrs and burns, and has a sense of layering and beauty.

One of the great advantages of laser marking machines is that they are accurate and durable. Relative to the fading of the ink, the laser marking scale can be kept clearly visible for a long time, and it will not become blurred due to friction. The marking accuracy is high, and the error value is much lower than the ordinary marking method. The software can change the marking content at any time, effectively ensuring the accuracy and durability of the marking scale.

The laser marking machine has simple marking and marking steps, and the operation is not complicated, and the machine is stable, and the marking speed is fast. Under the premise of ensuring the marking quality, it can increase efficiency and increase production capacity to a greater extent.