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Introduction to The Operating System of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine——Bochu Operating System

Lançado em 08. 12, 2020

Laser cutting steel machines are widely used in various industries. The operating system plays a vital role in the normal operation of the optical fiber laser cutting machine. When customers buy the fiber optic laser cutting machine, they have certain doubts about the choice of the operating system. Special Laser takes everyone to learn more about the classification of Bochu system, adaptation software, and nesting software.

Bochu Operating System

Bochu Operating System:

1. The FSCUT1000 system is a low-cost laser cutting solution tailored from the FSCUT2000 mid-power cutting fiber laser machine system. The system combines a motion control card and a capacitor height controller into one and is a special laser cutting system with high performance and price comparison.

2. The FSCUT2000 mid-power laser cutting system is a full-featured open-loop control system specially launched for the sheet metal processing industry. Convenient installation, simple debugging, excellent performance, complete solutions, is a fiber laser cutting machine metal control system with a high market share at present.

3. FSCUT3000S is an open-loop control system developed for tube processing. It supports high-precision/high-efficiency cutting of square tube/round tube/track-shaped and oval-shaped stretched tubes and angle steel/channel steel. It is an upgraded version of FSCUT3000.

4. FSCUT4000 series laser cutting system is a high-speed, high-precision fully closed-loop laser control system independently developed. It supports advanced functions such as automatic adjustment, cross-coupling control, intelligent perforation, and PSO position synchronization output.

5. FSCUT5000 series is a bus cutting system specially launched for CNC laser fiber tube cutting machine. Among them, the FSCUT5000A system is suitable for a three-chuck laser pipe metal sheet cutting machine; with the tube nesting software TubesT, it can realize common edge cutting, saving time and materials.

6. The FSCUT8000 system is a high-end intelligent bus system launched for the needs of high power laser cutting machine of 8KW and above. It is stable and reliable, easy to deploy, easy to debug, safe in production, rich in functions, and excellent in performance; it supports and provides modular, personalized, automated, and informatized solutions.

Bochu Operating System

Bochu Laser Cutting Software:

1. Bochu CypOne laser cutting software (hereinafter referred to as CypOne) is a multi-functional and super cost-effective control software specially developed for the thin sheet metal/ad processing industry. It is suitable for low-and medium-power laser cutting machine metal fiber tools. It can realize rich functions such as drawing processing, tool path planning, process setting, focus control, worktable exchange, etc., which is convenient, fast, high-quality and efficient to realize workpiece processing. FSCUT 1000

2. Bochu CypCut plane cutting software is a set of software specially developed for the deep customization of the laser cutting industry. It is easy to use, rich in functions, and suitable for various processing occasions. FSCUT 2000

3. Bochu CypTube tube processing software (hereinafter referred to as CypTube) is a set of laser cutting software for stretching/rotating tubes. It includes laser cutting process processing and laser processing control. The main functions include IGS import, graphics processing, path planning, and simulation And cutting processing control. FSCUT 3000S

4. Bochu TubePro tube cutting software (hereinafter referred to as TubePro) is a professional cutting software for processing various types of tubes. Seamlessly docking with the layout software Tubest, Tubest realizes the processing of the layout, co-edge, basic and special processes of parts. After exporting the processing file, you can directly use TubePro to cut.

Bochu Laser Cutting Software

Bochu nesting software:

1. Bochu CypNest plane nesting software (hereinafter referred to as CypNest) is a set of nesting software for Bochu plane laser cutting CNC system. It is developed for Bochu CypCut laser cutting software, which can realize drawing processing, fast nesting, and generate toolpaths. And remote push processing and other functions.

2. Bochu TubesT tube nesting software (hereinafter referred to as TubesT) is a set of nesting software for Bochu tube laser cutting CNC system. It is developed for Bochu CypTube/TubePro tube cutting software, which can realize drawing processing and co-edge nesting. Weld compensation and other process settings and parts drawing functions.

3. Tubes tLite 3D nesting software (hereinafter referred to as Tubes tLite) is a set of free nesting software for the Bochu 3D cutting CNC system. The software is developed for the Bochu TubePro 3D laser cutting software, which can import igs parts and nest materials in an array and full mode. ZZX files can be exported for processing.

Bochu Nesting Software

The combination of the operating system, adapting software and nesting software is very important for the normal operation of the fiber cutting laser machine. MYST Laser presents the selection reference of Bochu system in the form of a table.

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