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Why Aren't Fiber-Optic Laser Marking Machines Often Used in Plastics?

Lançado em 05. 07, 2020

The fiber laser marking machine is a laser marking machine using a fiber laser. Fiber laser marking machine has the advantages of long service life, no maintenance, no consumables, high stability, high production efficiency, wide application range, low use cost, and so on. At present, more and more industries are introducing and using fiber laser marking machines. So how wide is the application range of fiber laser marking machine?

The materials that the fiber laser marking machine can adapt to are mainly composed of metals and some non-metals. Its working principle is to evaporate the surface of the object by laser to form a mark. Usually, metal materials can be marked with a fiber laser marking machine.

For example, aluminum and copper can only be marked when they are marked on aluminum. Marking it clearly requires some skill. As far as plastics are concerned, hard plastics like ABS are easier to play, and there are a variety of plastic materials. Generally, the harder the texture and the darker the color, the easier it is to play a logo using a fiber laser marking machine.

Professional Laser Marking Machine

Professional Laser Marking Machine

The following is a summary of some questions about using a professional laser marking machine.

1. Can fiber laser marking machine mark plastic?

The answer is yes. But there are conditions, some can play, and those who do not meet the conditions cannot.

2. Can the plastic mark be erased?

Generally, laser marking is generally permanent. It cannot be wiped unless the surface layer is scraped off. Therefore, it is very useful to mark the production date with a laser marking machine.

3. Can you mark the plastic with different colors?

Generally speaking, the color of the fiber laser marking machine is the color of the material itself. But like stainless steel, you can adjust the parameters to make the logos appear in various colors. For plastic, it can only be gray-black, and it can only adjust the shade of the color, but it can't play other colors.

4. Will the marked plastic burn the plastic?

The fiber laser marking machine will not burn the plastic when marking on the plastic, and the reason is that its output power is generally not high. As long as the parameters are adjusted properly, the laser will only evaporate a thin layer of the plastic surface, not Will burn out the plastic itself. So there is no need to worry about this issue. It is a laser cutting machine. It is difficult to use the laser cutting machine to cut plastics in the industry without melting or yellowing. Of course, this is off-topic.