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Laser Cutting Machine Daily Use And Maintenance Tips

Lançado em 03. 11, 2020

In order to ensure the normal use of professional laser cutting machines, daily maintenance and maintenance of the equipment must be performed. After mastering the operation of the equipment, you can easily cut out the workpiece effect you want, and extend the life of the laser cutting equipment. Professional laser cutting machine supplier has some daily use and maintenance tips.

First of all, the laser is the core equipment in the laser cutting machine, which provides the cutting light source for the laser cutting machine; in order for your laser cutting machine to work normally and with high quality, ensure that your laser runs reliably and prolong the life of the laser, remind you Inspect and service your laser regularly. The fiber laser can basically be maintenance-free. In addition to ensuring that the surroundings are clean, the main observation is whether the cooling water is normal and the voltage is normal.

The second is to pay attention to the care and maintenance of the lens. Focusing lens, protective lens, QBH head and other optical surfaces, do not touch directly with your hands to prevent mirror scratches or corrosion. The surface of optical lenses must not be cleaned with water or detergent. The surface of the lens is plated with a special film. If you use these to clean the lens, the surface of the lens will be damaged. Do not place the lens in a dark and humid place, as this will age the lens surface. When installing or replacing the mirror, focusing lens and protective lens, do not use too much pressure, otherwise it may cause deformation of the lens and affect the quality of the beam.

Third, pay attention to the maintenance of machine tools. Before putting the machine into operation, carefully lubricate the machine according to the lubrication instructions. Professional lubrication with the most suitable lubricant is a prerequisite for maintaining the quality of the machine tool, so that operating failures and their consequences can be avoided.

If the machine has not been used for a long time (such as ocean transportation), check the lubrication of the entire machine. In addition, when the machine tool is not used for a long time, please apply butter to each moving part of the machine tool and wrap it with anti-embroidery paper. For other parts, regularly check whether there is rust phenomenon, and perform rust removal and anti-rust treatment on rusted parts (such as If necessary, you can add a dust cover), and regularly clean and inspect the machine tool.

Fourth, the entire equipment must be thoroughly cleaned daily at regular intervals. Significant dirt can be scrubbed after being turned off, or removed with an industrial vacuum cleaner. Keep fuel and drain ports clean at all times. Wipe the oil tank and lubrication points with a lint-free cloth. Do not use waste wool.

This article is only a general description, and does not cover the whole machine components. To ensure the normal use of your equipment and extend its life, please read the instruction manual and maintenance instructions carefully, and operate in accordance with the operating specifications. Please perform the daily maintenance and maintenance procedures in the user manual carefully to ensure that the equipment runs better and better for a long time.

Professional Laser Cutting Machine

Professional Laser Cutting Machine