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The Composition of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Lançado em 08. 10, 2020

The products of MYST Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. are dominated by laser cutting metal machines and have various forms to fully meet the needs of customers. Which parts of a fiber metal laser cutting machine are composed? MYST Laser will take you to popular science.

A laser cutting machine metal sheet is mainly composed of five parts: the main structure, numerical control system, transmission system, generato, and laser cutting head, auxiliary system.

  • The main structure consists of four parts: machine lathe bed, gantry, Z axis, and work surface

  • The machine lathe bed includes metal tube welded machine frame, metal plate welded machine frame、iron cast machine frame

  • The gantry includes aluminum cast gantry、aluminum profile gantry, manganese steel gantry

  • Z axis includes cast aluminum

  • The working table is serrated  

    Main Structure

  • Brands of control systems include bochu, Beckoff, Au3tech, PA, ANCA, NCStudio, bochu control system is a relatively common software for domestic manufacturers at present, with stable performance, simple operation, simple on-site drawing, and widely used.

Numerical Control System

  • The transmission system consists of four parts: rails, rack, motor, and reducer.

  • The brands of rails include Taiwan hiwin rails, Taiwan PMI rails, JAPAN THK rails, ABBA rails, Rexroth rails.

  • The brands of racks include YYC, APEX, Alpha, Atlanta, Gudel.

  • The brands of motors include Japan Yaskawa servo motor, japan Panasonic servo motor, japan fuji servo motor, Italy Power Motor, Taiwan delta motor, CH Lear motor.

  • The brands of reducers include Shimpo reducer, MOTOVARIO reducer, Gudel Reducer, Alpha Reducer.

  • Transmission mode: Gear/Rack and pinion transmission, ball screw transmission.

Transmission System

  • Generator and cutting head

  • The brands of the generators include: IPG, Night, Raycus, JPT, MAX

  • The brands of cutting heads include Raytools, WXS, Precitec, Au3tech.

Generato And Laser Cutting Head

  • Auxiliary system includes water chiller, exhaust fan, air compressor, air storage tank, Air Dryer, oil-water separator, air cleaner, Industrial PC, Auxiliary gas.

  • The function of the water chiller is to cool the laser and the cutting head, Its brands include S&A and Tongfei.

  • The function of the exhaust fan is to extract dust and smoke.

  • The function of the gas is to blow away the residue, protect the gas, and support combustion. The main auxiliary gases are oxygen, nitrogen, and compressed air.

  • The role of the industrial computer is an industrial computer, installing software, etc.


Auxiliary System

Through the science popularization of MYST Laser, everyone has a deeper understanding of the composition of the CNC laser fiber cutting machine, and also a deeper memory of the main structure, numerical control system, transmission system, generato and laser cutting head, auxiliary system.