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Application of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine in Elevator Industry

Lançado em 10. 20, 2020

The vigorous development of China's economy has caused a surge in real estate infrastructure, and the demand for elevators and accessories is also rising. The elevator manufacturing and elevator accessories industry has ushered in a new stage of development. According to estimates, the market size has reached 100 billion. The contradiction between continuously increasing product demand and outdated production technology is increasing. The fast cutting speed and good cutting effect of metal cutting laser machineshave successfully solved this contradiction. The application of steel laser cutter machine in elevator manufacturing is also increasing. Coming more and more.


Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


Advantages of metal laser cutters in elevator manufacturing

1. Short processing cycle

There are many types and small quantities of sheet metal parts in the elevator industry, and many of them need to be determined according to customer requirements. Due to the limitation of tonnage and mold, the processing of multi-station punch presses can not process some sheet metal parts or the long production cycle of molds causes the production cycle to increase, and the programming is relatively complicated, and the requirements for operators are relatively high. The advantages of the flexible processing of the CNC laser cutting machine metal are thus brought into play, reducing product development costs.


Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


2. Good cutting quality

There are many stainless steel decorative plates, the surface finish requirements are high, and the processed lines should be smooth and flat, beautiful and beautiful. Multi-station punching machine processing easily affects the surface finish of the plate. The processing method of the CNC laser cutting machine steel has no mechanical stress, which avoids the deformation during the cutting process, increases the quality of the elevator, and improves the product grade.

3. Processing as you like

With the improvement of people's aesthetic level, the fancy style of products has increased, and the variety of product appearance has increased, but the number is not large, and the outline is complicated, and ordinary processing methods cannot be realized. The cutting automation of the cheap metal laser cutting machine can cope with the processing of different special-shaped workpieces, reducing the labor intensity of the operators and optimizing the shovel process flow.


Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


4. Recommended models: CNC laser metal cutting machine MTF3015, laser CNC metal cutting machine MTF3015 has always been the best-selling model in MYST laser cutting metal sheet, it uses gantry structure machine tool, aluminum alloy tensile beam, and German CNC, drive and Motor numerical control laser cutting system, precision linear guide, and helical gear transmission system, the machine tool has good overall rigidity, stable performance, stable operation, fast speed, fast acceleration, high precision, and high processing efficiency. It can meet the cutting needs of carbon steel, stainless steel, and other metal plates, and is an ideal choice for the processing of medium and thin plates. The use of laser machine for metal cutting to cut the elevator steel plate is perfect.